Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Becky Rose of the shop by the same name is a self-proclaimed weaver, felter, beader, papermaker, candlemaker, puppetmaker, among other crafty things. I'm pretty much in love with her woven jewelry and I love that she is using her craft to get herself through college (why didn't I think of that!).
1. When did you decide to start making eco-friendly stuff and what triggered your going green?I don't really like the phrase "going green" I guess I have been "green" before it was trendy. I hate seeing things go to waste and I have always cared about the health of the planet, my parents tought me to recycle and not to litter when I was very young.

2. What recycled, reused, or eco-concious materials do you typically use? What is your favorite? My next weaving project is using some of a big bag of fabric scraps to make yoga mats, and perhaps some more rag rugs. I save all of my old clothes that I wear out and use them for lining bags as well as in my rag rugs. My newest favorite material is bamboo, it's an incredibl material, and it's a weed! It grows really fast and it's super sustainable. Bamboo fiber is not only sustainable but it's extremely strong, super soft with a really nice sheen, naturally antibacterial, warm in cool weather, and cool in warm weather. It has the most gorgeous drape too! I am also in the process of trying to figure out a good way to make business cards using handmade paper made from recycled school notebooks.

3. What non-art or craft related things do you try to do to lead an eco-savvy life?At 21 I still don't have my drivers lisence, I ride my bike or walk and when I do need to go a long distance I have to carpool. Sometimes this can be difficult, but it works really well for the most part and not having my lisence prevents me from getting lazy and driving when I don't need to. I hate seeing people drive 2 blocks to the store! I also go to "the greenest college in the world" according to Grist. I try really hard to reduce my waste, I avoid plastic whenever possible, recycle as much as I can, and compost when the weather is warm. I also try to buy local food and handmade or thrift store for my other items. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet supplemented with occasional local free range poultry or fish.

4. What is the one thing you wish people would do more of to contribute to the green cause? Buy local! Locally grown produce hasn't traveled across the country before getting to you so it's fresher, tastes better, and very little pollution was used to transport it. Generally buying local is better than "organic" because the organic guidelines have been so stretched and it's still corporate factory farming. Buying from small local farms is much better for the land and better for you.

5. Do you have a green hero? Artist or environmentalist or just uber-eco friend? Captain planet!

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woolies said...

Hello - just discovered your blog!
My stuffed animals are made from handspun yarns (green) and I stuff them with wool (not that polyfill stuff).
I JUST bought cards from recycled ideas (your greenie #14) and they have lavender seeds in them - SO cool.
Anyway, will be keeping an eye on this blog - great!!!