Thursday, March 20, 2008


Frances of Home Made Originals creates the most precious wool things out of recycled sweaters. Purses, wallets, card holders, ipod name it, she's got it! She also makes great, unique reusable grocery bags! 1. When did you decide to start making eco-friendly stuff and what triggered your going green?I've been making things from recyled materials, such as denim, for a number of years. One of my first large projects with recycled denim was a quilt I made about 7 yars ago. Last summer I started making items from felted sweaters in part because I loved the texture and results, but also because I love reusing things. I am a thrift store junkie.

2.What recycled, reused, or eco-concious materials do you typically use? What is your favorite?Deifnitely wool sweaters and wool, with denim second. A friend gave me two huge bags of jeans from her kids who were into rodeo. I have a collection of thrift store wool sweaters that could last me a long time (but I keep buying more).

3. What non-art or craft related things do you try to do to lead an eco-savvy life?I recycle newspapers and magazines, aluminum cans, plastic, even though my city doesn't have curbside recycling. I reuse packaging when I can too. I made and use cloth shopping bags too. I try to consolidate my trips so I save on gas. I'm sure there may be more, but I can't think what though I do try to be environmentally responsible.

4. What is the one thing you wish people would do more of to contribute to the green cause? Recycle and don't believe you always have to buy new.

5. Do you have a green hero? Artist or environmentalist or just uber-eco friend? No one person, but I still remember marching in San Francisco on the first "Earth Day" and listening to folks speak (just can't remember who--I know I'm really dating myself here, it was March 21, 1970)

Thanks, Frances! And thank you for mentioning Earth Day which is one month away - April 20, 2008. What are you all doing? I like to go to the big Balboa Park event and eat yummy vegan food!


HomeMadeOriginals said...

Thanks for featuring me. I've really enjoyed reading all about all the featured folks. Keep up the great work!

Erin said...

Love the neat things they're making out of recycled sweaters!