Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Greenies 2008

In honor of March being Green month (according to every magazine publication!) I want to make a collection of your green and eco-friendly crafts, art, and whatnots. It can be anything as long as it is green somehow - recycled, reused, ecosavvy techniques, etc., etc. Just post a comment here with a link to your green creation or email me a pick and description. I will post EVERY SINGLE PIECE every week of March here and on

Here is some green stuff I like a lot!

1. Recycled bowls and trays from Bitters Co. - a really great green shopping resource. 2. I know everyone has been blogging about these textiles from Plover Organic but they are fantastic 3. The life and work of everyone at R. Wood Studio is inspirational. These bowls are made by hand from red clay from Georgia. 4. I want this fancy schmancy no electricity required coffee maker from Toddy Cafe. 5. This favor box is part of the Paper-Source environmentally friendly line of stationery and paper. 6. greenKarat's goal is to end destructive gold and diamond mining by creating ecologically and socially responsible jewelry. 7. My baggu is one of my favorite accessories. I use it for groceries, a lunch bag, library books, everything. 8. Cute felt birdies from the sustainable living experts at Branch Home.


Kate said...

Greetings! I love that you're focusing on green stuff -- it should be all year, not just March! But every little bit helps, eh?

Right now all I have up is my jewelry. I get most of my beads from thrift stores and estate sales and such, so they're reused instead of buying new. I also make my clasps from silver wire instead of buying them -- much less manufacturing and packaging there. Here are a few links:

Strange Fire

Still Catch the Tide

Hammer and a Nail

All of my packaging is reused, too -- I get packing peanuts and bubble wrap from a local trophy store that's more than happy to let me take their leftovers instead of throwing them away.

I'll soon be adding Earth-friendly bath and body stuff to my line, too -- no artificial anything in them. Links to come, I suppose, as soon as I've won the battle with the printer.

Thanks for the opportunity to show off my work, and thank you for showcasing green stuff!

Om Shanti Handcrafts

Emilia said...

Thank you! Your eco-savvy techniques are spectacular! Keep up the good, green work and come back in March to see everyone's stuff!!!

tanisalexis said...

I think you have a great idea . :) may I post my shop link for your perusal? I have a quite a few eco-friendly items

and I also have a friend too..

cheers! thanks for this friendly moment. best!
tanis xo

Emilia said...

Thank you Tanis! Yours shops look great! Come back in March to see everyone's stuff! said...

This is going to be awesome!

Come check out all the fun recycled things that I make and if there's something that you'd like to include in your collection

Brandywine Design said...

Can't wait to see this blog come March or "Green Month" - isn't every month green month!?!

HEY THANKS 4 DOING THIS EMILIA - what a cool idea!

Please check out my eco-friendly candles

:) See you next month!

A Second Chance said...

Hi, What a fun blog. Thanks for showcasing ECO-FAB ways to live. My hand knitted line is 100% Recycled/Recrafted from forgotten sweaters. The line's called A Second Chance @
The store is

Not only is everything recycled, I also give 10% of all proceeds to (a wonderful int'l org. that gives second chances to indie businesses in developing countries).

Thanks for your time, hope you enjoy what you see.
Best wishes,

Ka Nani Essentials said...

Great blog!!! I just might link you to my blog!!

We make natural and organically sourced bath and body products. From Bath collections to soaps, body washes and lotions - we've got you covered from face to toes!! We use natural and organic ingredients, recyclable containers and give to great causes that help consumers be aware of the environment.

For the classy naturalist in all of us.

Thanks again!

2ReVert said...

Great blog... love all eco-friendly stuff.

I would love for you to have a peek at our stuff. We make recycled skateboard jewelry.

Check us out...


Christine said...

I've been trying to recycle and reuse as much as possible and one way I did this was with this piece of art:

Erin said...

Hey! Great idea! I am an artist that uses cardboard to create my "canvases"
I have pictures of my art on flickr

and my etsy site-

Erin said...
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Annie said...

This is a great idea! I recently wanted to add something recycled to my shop so I started making recycled notebooks/journals. I just have two up now, but I've already thought of ways and items I can use to make more so that this stuff doesn't wind up in the garbage.

You can see pics and descriptions in my listings here:§ion_id=5327143

Morgen said...

Hi Emilia,
I love your idea and the fact that you are interested in promoted this kind of thing.
I am a textile artist and clothing designer. I came up with a re-usable bulk food bag after becoming aware of how much plastic we use when buying bulk food in my local natural food store. I just opened a new shop on Etsy with my new ripstop nylon bulk food bags:

My other shop has organic cotton tshirts and if you look in my jackets section you will notice that they are re-constructed from used jackets:
Thank-you very much for your kindness,

Ta-Dah said...

Hi there~
Great idea!!
I'd love for you to check out my shop

and another great group - Trillium Artisans - a collective of artists that work in recycled and reclaimed materials

Thanks for looking, I'm excited to see what you come up with.

laurie beggin said...

Hi! This is a wonderful idea! Please check out my newest addtion to my Going Green with Glass at

It's called Going Green Can Make You A Star

This is a super idea!
Keep Recycling, it's a beautiful thing! Laurie B.

One Wintry Night Pottery said...

I love this idea!!!

We decided a few years ago to participate in a wind power program through our local utility. Now I'm proud to say my electric kiln (& house & studio!) are powered with clean, green energy! Small sacrifice, great feeling!

Karen W.

peter said...

Hi i dont know if youre going to do this again for 2009 but i thought i would post my website
The Whole Leaf Co.

We supply eco friendly plates and packaging for all occasions including weddings, birthday parties etc..