Monday, March 24, 2008


Welcome to the final week of the Greenies. This Monday Laurie introduces some of her glass creations from her shop 27lauriebethbeggin and some of her eco-secrets.
1. When did you decide to start making eco-friendly stuff and what triggered your going green? I decided to start making eco-friendly glass work when it occured to me that so much of the old glass from churches and houses, along with the wooden frames were ending up in landfills. They are such a rich resource of not only beauty but history. I've always found it rather silly to throw away perfectly good, reusable items. As for what triggered me to go green, I was born in the 60s and my teen years were the 70s. I remember seeing so much waste and was "on board" during the formative years of environmental issues.
2. What recycled, reused, or eco-concious materials do you typically use? What is your favorite? I use anything and everything I can get my hands on. I'd have to say that old, textured glass and old architechtural salvage are my favorites though.
3. What non-art or craft related things do you try to do to lead an eco-savvy life? My biggest belief (and purchases) are buying old homes and restoring them. It breaks my heart to see perfectly wonderful old homes lay in ruin and neglect while new construction continues to push the fringes of the countrysides to the brink of extinction. I also use grocery bags from reusable that are wonderful and of course we recycle our waste products. My husband and I are getting ready to go geo-thermal and also solar so we can get off "the grid" with our power usage. We continue to strive to leave a small carbon footprint in our wake! Oh, and we want to install Clivus mulsterum toilets!! They rock!
4. What is the one thing you wish people would do more of to contribute to the green cause? Ohhh, that's a tough one, one thing??? If I have to pick one thing I'd say to start contributing by spending time educating themselves on the environmental issues instead of listening to sound bites here and there. I know it takes a lot of time to research issues and such but I think that is the ONE thing and FIRST thing everyone can do. From there, I think any intelligent person will see that environmental issues are SO important that they willingly jump on board.
5. Do you have a green hero? Artist or environmentalist or just uber-eco friend? My first and biggest green hero is Keith Blackmore, who lives in Freeport, Illinois. He's married to Mary Blackmore and those two are seriously my biggest heroes. They believe in community, and instead of talking the talk they walk the walk. I ask myself ALL the time, "What Would Keith Do" and one day while talking to my niece I said that out loud....our eyes got real big and we started laughing and said we should come out with a line of bracelets and bumper stickers that say "WWKD"......seriously....Keith and Mary are the most humble, and sincerely caring environmentalists I know. I think Al Gore's got it together and is working really hard also but again, I don't really "know" him.....Keith and Mary have sat at my dining room table and I've sat at their woodburning stove sipping tea....I know them!
UPDATE: Laurie asked that I add this as well - "Kerry Fowler who has been creating the Global seed vault in the Artic that is housing seeds in case of catastrophic disaster. He's been working on this project for over 30 years....EVERYBODY needs to check this out!!"

Thank you, Laurie, for all the great info and ideas!

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